What Sort of Questions to Expect in a Hotel Role Interview

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Preparation is key when going into an interview and we want to help! So, we've put together this blog to give you an idea of what to expect from a hotel job interview. This is for you hoteliers looking to move up in the industry! (Or those nosey enough to find out what you’d be asked if you ever wanted to apply!)

It’s important to know like any other job, that they will ask you why you’re interested in the role. It is good to note that hospitality is such a booming yet underrated industry. Many people don't realise that this is an incredible avenue to build a lifelong career. You should make a point in explaining why the industry is important to you. Talk through your experience and what you’d love to take away from this. This could also lead naturally to some questions for you to ask at the end of your interview (we speak more about this later).

The interviewer will also want to know what you think the roles and responsibility of the role would be, to show if you have read the advert and know the sector in and out.  Try to remember some points mentioned on the advertisement, along with adding in some points about your work experience within hotels and/or hospitality that would relate. Don’t worry too much about this, they’re not looking for you to have memorised the job advert word for word! They just want you to demonstrate that you have a basic understanding of what the role would entail.

In a hotel job interview, they may also ask you about titles, key words etc. so try to brush up on your hotel knowledge; for example the ins and outs of a concierge.  They want to find out how much you already know about hotels and how they operate and function.  Research all you can as it will be useful! Asking peers within the industry is probably the best way to enhance your understanding. If you don’t know of any, a Google search is of course the next best thing.

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How would you deal with an unhappy customer?  How would you reward a loyal customer?  Think about the procedure to fix problems professionally and in a way that goes well with the hotels performance and appearance.  Think about how your experience as a guest has been and how you would make future guests feel the same way.  People come first and these people make the market, after all.

You’ll also have to think about and answer questions about what guest and customer service looks like to you and where you’d like to see yourself within the company in the coming years.  Show them your shine and your willingness to learn and grow in this booming industry!

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