3 Tips On How To Ace Your Trial Shift

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Do you have a trial shift coming up and want some tips? Probably! I mean, you did click the title.... Or maybe you’re nosey and just want to know? Either way, welcome!

Trial shifts are a great opportunity to show your skills and wow your potential manager. After all, you already made an impression on them in the initial interview. But how do you show them that you truly have what it takes? Well, you’re about to find out!

Our 3 Tips To Ace Your Shift

Tips, Trial shift in a hotel

1. Make Your First Impression Count

Whether this is in a bar, a restaurant, a hotel or even a cup of tea to meet the team you will work with - your first impressions will last on everyone.

  • Come in with a smile. I know, you’re thinking come on, this is obvious. And it is, but sometimes we forget to smile when we get nervous. So, don't underestimate this advice and show everyone your dazzling smile!
  • Introduce yourself to everyone on the floor - they could be your new team and work family. It makes a whole world of a difference if they report back to your potential employer and say how well you got on with them.
  • Also, ask as many questions as you can. Show that you’re eager to learn! You'll find that they might share some helpful tips and tricks with you.


2. Shift Into High Gear

Chances are, you’ll be left to your own devices so they can see your initiative and pro-activity. It's a great way to prove your amazing performance at work!

Trial shift worker using tips to do great

  • Try and float around each section of the business. For example, if it’s bar work then figure out where things are, serve some drinks, clean up a little and talk to the team. If it’s front of house, spend time at the door, interact with the team in the kitchen and talk with customers. This will show your willingness to learn, but also your willingness to actually work (weirdly enough, they love that 😉). 
  • Make sure your presence is known and carry yourself confidently to show you’re comfortable in the environment. Some places can be high pressure, so it’s good to show that you can take the heat!  
  • Build relationships and rapport when you get the opportunity. As you can already see, communicating well with others and working together is extremely important in hospitality. So, learn to make friends, or at least be friendly, with everyone you meet. Kindness goes a long way!


3. End It On A Positive Note

You've finished your trial shift and now is the equally important bit. Our advice, end it on a high note and leave them wanting you on their team! Here are some tips and tricks.

Tips, Chef acing his trial shift

  • After the trial, have a chat with whoever was seeing over the shift and discuss your performance. What did you learn? How did you feel about everything? Give them your own feedback.
  • Be positive about what you think you did well, now isn’t the time to downplay your work!
  • Seek out feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, as it’ll help your growth regardless.
  • It's also a chance for you to ask any questions that may have popped into your head during the shift.
  • And be sure to say a nice goodbye and to thank them for their time (maybe even a cheeky see you soon 😎) because a positive lasting impression is the thing you may win them over with!


Waitress having fun on her trial shift

Most importantly, have fun! Don't forget to take every positive of the experience you can, regardless of outcome! After a successful interview, here's a chance to truly shine and show who you are.

Now that you know how to ace your trail shift, apply for jobs in hospitality! The industry where personality is a game changer. Do you have any tips you think we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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