How Best to Prepare for a Video Interview?

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When you prepare for a video interview in which your skills will be assessed on how you could better demonstrate certain approaches or skills to the employers who will be evaluating you. Ask yourself - do they have to talk to you? No. But you want to know why they are interviewing you, what your background is and what your goals are. So, if you want to know how to best prepare for a video interview, keep reading!

In a video interview, watch for subtle clues such as:

  • Using direct questions in introductions
  • Framing questions in the answers
  • Using words that describe emotions, such as anxiety or excitement

This gives you an idea about the company, the role, or the business position you'll be interviewing for. Your video job interview should be tailored to your interests, needs, and capabilities. Moreover, your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and other professional credentials (If required) should give an idea of what those are. However, an interview is a chance for you to elaborate on what's relevant.

Don't Make These Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes candidates make on video interviews and job application submissions is to list and discuss skills and experience that are completely irrelevant to the position. Don't be the person who says, "Oh, I'm an avid reader, therefore I'd be great at writing! I'd be great at marketing! I'm pretty sure I'm a good fit for a production company!"

Don't make these mistakes in a video interview

That's what we hear often enough at our real-life video interviews. The only real reason to mention something in your video interview is because it is relevant. So, find a way to get that dream job by getting into the interviewer's head. Think of what you would want to hear from a candidate if you were looking for the perfect employee. Start there and note down what you should mention. Answer the questions, what? (skill/experience), why? (why is it relevant) and how? (in what way did you use it and what did you achieve).

How to Prepare for a Video Interview

If you talk about and prove why you should be offered the job on the video call, you will be better prepared. Don't wait until the job interview to go through your pitch. Your video job interview should be about you. As a candidate, give as much information as possible about yourself on camera. So, mention your past and your aspirations so that your interviewers are able to understand what kind of person you are and what makes you tick. Learn the interviewer's "targets," how he or she values different types of skillsets. Moreover, understand how his or her goals match with yours and your aspirations in the industry.

 women on a video interview with a female interviewer

Finally, just be yourself on camera, and know your particular area of expertise. The first place that a job interviewer will check during a job interview is the candidate's "expert" area of expertise. You know exactly what this means. This is where you excel in your field within tourism, hospitality or leisure. What's more, you know better than anyone exactly what areas are relevant for you in this particular job. So, relax and enjoy that video interview. Good luck!

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