6 Haunted Places in Edinburgh That'll Give You Chills

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Do you like scary stories with ghosts, death and dark history? Well, in that case, you should read this blog about some of the haunted places in Edinburgh - one of the most haunted cities in the UK! Before I jump straight into it, Happy Halloween to those who will be celebrating this weekend - may you have a night full of fun, treats and spooky excitement! 🎃

1. Edinburgh Castle's Ghosts

Yes, the city's most famous landmark appears to be haunted. Next time you go to visit the castle keep your eyes wide open and listen carefully. Why? Well, if you're (un)lucky enough you may get to hear drumming, knocking or music playing . Moreover, you might see shadows moving, get touched, pushed or even emotionally overwhelmed! Also, back in 2001 during the International Science Festival, the Castle was investigated for paranormal activities. Turns out, there may be some truth to these ghost stories!

One of the Edinburgh Castle's ghosts is a piper who was sent underneath the castle to explore its tunnels. He played his pipes as he went down but suddenly stopped halfway through the Royal Mile. This happened hundreds of years ago and his body still hasn't been found. However, he is said to be strolling the Royal Mile to this very day.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the haunted places in Edinburgh

2. The Haunted South Bridge Vaults

Low budget and no money to waterproof the bridge led to the vaults getting damp and eventually flooded. As a result, businesses that occupied the space had to relocate. In their place, the poorest tenants moved in, as well as pubs and brothels soon after.

You won't be surprised to know that in this new climate, murders and criminal activity blossomed. In the late 1820s, two famous bodysnatchers lived in Edinburgh. William Burke and William Hare sold corpses to Doctor Robert Knox at the University of Edinburgh for anatomy lectures. Moreover, the serial killers apparently hunted for their victims in the South Bridge vaults! With this much dark history, no wonder people report seeing and hearing supernatural things.

3. Scotland's Most Haunted Pub - The Banshee Labyrinth

Another of the haunted places in Edinburgh, and some say the most haunted pub in Scotland, is the one and only Old Town metal bar. Located in part in the previously mentioned South Bridge vaults, it gives a maze-like outlay - perfect for spooky ghost encounters! Well, one of them being reported as a banshee, a female supernatural being whose scream is an omen of death... What's more, apparently some workmen heard a bloodcurdling wailing right before one of them got a call about their family member's death.

And in case that doesn't make your hair stand on end, drinks are said to fly off the tables and get chucked at the walls. So, next time you stop by for a pint, do hold it tight or it might just end up getting smashed.

4. Mary King’s Close

Back in 1645, during the great plague, the ill were apparently quarantined and left to perish on the cold warren of narrow streets. What would have been a busy street 400 years ago ended up being covered and abandoned. Only in 2003 the Close was reopened and became one of the most popular ghost tour destinations in Edinburgh! Mary King's Close better be on your list if you want to witness some of the paranormal sightings reported since the 17th century.

5. The Wizard of West Bow and His House of Horrors

Here is the dark tale of Major Thomas Weir and one of Edinburgh's most haunted houses. The Wizard of West Bow was a covenanting soldier and lived on the West Bow with his sister, Jean. Turns out, the true nature of Thomas Weir was much more sinister. During his execution in 1970, after his crimes came to light, he admitted decades of abhorrent behaviour and sexual depravity.

Moreover, his sister Jean, who was also executed, revealed that she and her brother made a pact with the Devil and commited countless acts of Satanism, sorcery and witchcraft. Following their deaths, the Weirs' house became haunted and people reported seeing strange shadows in the windows as well as hearing eerie music playing. Once believed to have been demolished, now found to be partially incorporated within the Quaker House and home to Mr Weir's ghost...

6. The Haunted Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh

Ending on a high note, here is the scariest of the 6 haunted places in Edinburgh - Greyfriars Kirkyard. One of the most haunted places in the UK and a place of burial for many notable residents like James Hutton, Mary Erskine, Henry Mackenzie and the famous furry resident - Greyfriar’s Bobby.

the graveyard is one of the most haunted places in Edinburgh

The graveyard has produced countless ghost stories throughout the years, however, the Mackenzie Poltergeist seems to be most intriguing. Why? Probably because over 500 recorded cases of poltergeist activity were reported right here after a homeless man supposedly disturbed it while looking for shelter. People reported being scratched, burned, bruised and collapsing for no apparent reason. So, if you fancy a meeting with Mackenzie's ghost you can take a tour and see for yourself...

Another fan favourite of the graveyard is of course Greyfriars Bobby. If you hear a bark and see no dogs around do not be frightened! This phantom Skye terrier is known to all in the city as the faithful hound that spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave until he eventually passed away in 1872. Bobby was buried in Greyfriars Kirkland, near to his owner and some still hear his bark next to the owner's grave!

This concludes the 6 haunted places in Edinburgh that will give you chills, a perfect list of spots to visit right in time for Halloween? Only if you dare... And if you'd love to live in one of the most haunted cities in the UK, we have thousands of jobs in Edinburgh you can find in just a click! Have a spooky Halloween and good luck! 

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