Here's How to Attract Candidates You're Looking For

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Right now, all businesses are wondering how to attract candidates. A task that might seem fairly simple, however, difficult in this market. With vacancies nearing 2 million in the UK, Brexit and Covid-19 repercussions - a hard task indeed. So, to all looking for talent, here are a few suggestions to find the talent your business needs.

Easy to Read Job Advert

If you want to attract candidates, don't make your job description complicated. The last thing you want is to confuse and tire the potential candidate. So, if they read your job description and still don't know what the position is really about, chances are - they won't even apply. Oh, and please, proofread the advert before posting it. Why? Well, typos and grammar mistakes can scare off some of the best applicants.

Okay, so what should you include in the description? First off, give some information about the company. Keep it short and informative. Next, describe the role you're advertising. A few words about the position itself. Then, include a more in-depth overview of responsibilities, requirements, etc. Works best in bullet points.

And at last, the benefits. This is the part that changes everything. Most importantly, INCLUDE THE SALARY. Many candidates won't even look at your advert if it doesn't include a salary. And if it's not competitive enough, the best candidates won't apply. So, make sure you are offering competitive enough pay. Also, include other great benefits like training programmes, discounts, flexible working and more.

Choose The Right Market

Now that you've got your advert ready to post ask yourself, who is your star candidate? How old are they, what are their interests, which platforms do they use? It's important to try and understand where that candidate will be looking for YOU. And remember, visual posts usually do better than text so include a photo or a logo at least.

attract candidates by posting jobs on the right platforms

Attract Candidates with Good Reputation

A seasoned job seeker will know to research the company before applying. Moreover, websites like Trustpilot or Glassdoor paint a picture of what it's like to work at the company. Most importantly, the opinions come from the employees themselves and interviewees. Negative comments and ratings will scare off future applicants. And as we all know, employees are the best ambassadors for brand reputation. So, if you're not looking after your staff's happiness and satisfaction you're decreasing your chances of finding more.

Candidates Want Inviting Company Cutlure

Attract candidates by focusing on team building. A 2017 Employee Engagement Report states that only 24% feel connected to their work colleagues. What does that mean for the company? Well, if the workers are enthusiastic about coming to work and enjoying the atmosphere there, chances are they'll be looking for a new job. Somewhere, where they feel happy and motivated. Market yourself by creating a company culture that makes your employees want to show up at work every day.

Attract Candidates with Development Opportunities

Now, how to retain talent? Assure that there are opportunities for career progression. The majority of applicants are interested if there are development prospects for the position they're applying for. And it only makes sense. Investing your time, energy and money (because we all know time=money) only to find out that their career will end at that one position. Candidates will invest in companies if the latter are ready to do the same.

On the same note, don't forget about the talent you already have. Why not promote candidates internally? You wouldn't need to introduce them to the company culture or teach them how things work. Upskill your employees and show that employee loyalty pays off.

Attract Candidates with great company culture and good reputation


Equally as important as posting the right job advert. You see a candidate you like, act fast and contact them immediately. With so many vacancies out there, you have to fight for good talent. If you're not quick enough, you'll simply lose the perfect fit for your company.

Moreover, get back to every applicant. More and more people get frustrated that after applying for a position they don't even get an email saying their application was unsuccessful. Or, even worse, they get a response months later after the candidate has forgotten they applied for the position. It's a matter of mutual respect. If someone took the time to complete the application process, the least they can get in return is a simple email saying they were successful to not.

These suggestions are to help you attract candidates you're after. So, even though things may be hard right now in the marketing world, don't give up. Follow the tips above and keep searching. Everyone finds 'the one' in the end. And if you're looking for a platform to advertise your jobs... you know where to go :) 

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