500,000 Marriott Workers Trained to Spot Human Trafficking

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The hotel staff at the Marriott hotel have been trained on how to identify and report any suspicious activity in guests; for example minimal luggage, uneasy and disorient guests and those who refuse housekeeping. These can often be signs of human trafficking, and the training has already helped remove young people from these scary situations.

Millions of people globally have been entrapped to human trafficking and education on how to identify and remove people from the situations could help massively to fight this horrible act of modern slavery; it shows that nobody is alone, and also shows that the staff care about their associates and guests, living up to their core company value of serving their world.

The mandatory training and awareness began at the beginning of 2017 and the role-specific programmes have been given in over 15 languages, across the 130 countries where Marriott operates.

The movement followed a report from the International Labour Organisation which brought awareness to the fact that over 40 million people are subjected to modern slavery and that 25% of trafficking involves kids.  These heart breaking statistics forced a change in how training is done throughout the industry.