A call to hoteliers to stand together and make a commitment to a new charter

Thursday, February 18, 2021

The Hotel Charter was brought within the UK which aims to make the hospitality industry better known and promote hospitality as the profession of choice for parents, schools, universities, academics and career entrants.

The idea for Hoteliers' Charter came from Sally Beck, chief executive of Royal Lancaster London which she formed to dispel the notion that hotel workers work "long hours for little pay" and instead emphasise the advantages of belonging to such a vibrant industry.

The charter has won hundreds of support from hotels and industry organisations, including UKHospitality, The Master Innkeepers, St. Julian's Scholars, the Institute of Hospitality and the AA.

The aim is to make the industry better known to the public and the role of a 'Charter Hotelier' is to attract jobs from their region to the hotel sector, via hotels in particular.

The signatories also promise to support industry charities, promote green companies and promote diversity, inclusion and equality.

The hotellers charter website www.hotelierscharter.com describes why hotelier groups should create their own charter and why they should support the new initiative.