A New Icon for London's Skyline "The Trellis" at Height Par with The Shard

Thursday, February 1, 2024

Plans for a groundbreaking new London skyscraper named "The Trellis" have been revealed, aiming to stand tall alongside The Shard as one of Europe's most prominent structures

Officially called 1 Undershaft, this 73-storey behemoth will reach a height of 309.6 meters and demolish St Helen's Tower in the City to make way for it.

Neighbouring famous landmarks such as the Gherkin and Cheesegrater, The Trellis will boast multiple roof gardens, retail spaces, and restaurants, including a public viewing gallery.

Eric Parry Architects, working on behalf of Singapore firm Aroland Holdings, have redesigned the tower with a grid pattern, removing the initial lattice exterior.

Upcoming building project (2026-2030) includes flexible offices, lounges on levels 30 & 48, public viewing gallery, education center, restaurant, and large quantities of concrete (170,000 tons), steel (12,200 tons), and glass (2,000 tons).

New plans call for a segmented tower with an occupied floor height reaching the highest in the UK, bringing significant improvements to London's urban landscape.

"The new stepped massing of the building introduces improvements to the public and workplace offer in terms of wellbeing and urban greening by providing outdoor amenity spaces throughout the building." - Eric Parry

Eric Owen Parry is a British architect, designer, writer and educator.

This architectural marvel will provide outdoor amenity spaces throughout the building, contributing to enhancing public wellbeing and urban greening within the City of London.

Previous plans for the site were revised in 2016, reducing the tower's height due to concerns regarding flight paths; however, the new design addresses these issues.

London's skyline has a rich history of record-breaking towers: St Paul's Cathedral was once the tallest building in the world for a year following its construction in 1310.

"A re-evaluation and response to the post-pandemic needs, revised market demands, and the changing context and aspirations of the City of London." - Eric Parry

Eric Owen Parry is a British architect, designer, writer and educator.

The rise to prominence of tall buildings in London can be traced back to 1963, when Millbank Tower surpassed St Paul's and claimed the title of London's tallest building.

"Exceptional quality when seen from anywhere within London, at close quarters, in glimpsed views, and in the grander set piece of London's skyline." - Eric Parry

Eric Owen Parry is a British architect, designer, writer and educator.

The Trellis is set to join this impressive lineage, adding a modern and innovative touch to London's iconic skyline.