A quarter of the UK's licensed premises.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Snapshot Market Recovery Monitor by CGA and AlixPartners Shows Solid Returns for Pubs and Restaurants, but Signs Of Continuing Challenges In Evening and Social Draughts

Similar trade figures were reported in England (76.6%) and at Scotland (77.4%), with a much less successful return in Wales (69.6%).

The Market Recovery Monitor shows just over one quarter of our pubs have opened compared to restaurants.

Some nine in ten High Street pubs (92.9%), food pubs (91.8%), and community pubs (89.6%) have reopened, as well as 89.2% of casual dining and other restaurants.

But, because of social distance and other barriers, it remains uneconomical for parts of venues to remain closed, and 45.8% of UK sports and social clubs remain closed, as do 50.9% of the major venues and 27.0% of bars.

More than 8.500 pubs have shut permanently, or 7.4 per cent of the UK total before Covid-8,500.

The figures are a reminder that thousands of companies continue to be threatened with collapse before all barriers under COVID-19 may be lifted on 21 June.