A Step Closer to Sustainability: Morrisons to Offer Paper Bags in all Stores

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Morrisons have been trying to become more sustainable, with their wonky veg hitting the stores and now with paper bags.

Since introducing the 5p charge for plastic bags in stores, people have been incentivised to bring their own; however Morrisons had charged 20p, while also reducing the overall number of their plastic bags which lead to a 25% decrease in bag sales.  That, however, only did some good to them and now it is time to bring in the next wave; paper bags.

We’ve all been there, in the queue to take your items home and realising that you forgot to bring bags.  Feeling that guilt of having to get a plastic bag and grudge the whole thing on the journey home, but as of now, that no longer has to be an issue.

Not only can the paper bags be recycled easily, but can also be reused as they can hold up to 16kg.  The bags are made in Wales, paper sourced from sustainably managed forests; now that is going green!

This will take them closer to removing around 1,300 tonnes of plastic out of our environment every year.