Adam Handling Set to Open Zero-Waste Restaurant this Month

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Adam Handling is launching a sustainable restaurant and champagne bar on Chelsea’s King’s Road sometime this month.

The restaurant will be opening close to his restaurant at the Belmond Cadogan Hotel, called Ugly Butterfly, and will demonstrate that zero-waste can be a luxurious thing.

The restaurant claims to represent the second generation in sustainability within the hospitality industry, while collaborating with Cadogan’s owners as well as charities The Felix Project and Quintessentially Foundation.

The dishes will be made from waste items that are sourced from Handling’s Chelsea site, with a main focus on the four most wasted foods; bread, milk, eggs and bananas.

The menu will include items like cheese doughnuts, made with leftovers from the cheeseboard, crispy fried chicken feet with caviar and retired dairy cow tartare with crispy potato peelings.

2.5% of the restaurant’s takings will be donated to The Felix Project, which supports projects aimed at tackling food waste, with two menu items including Feast Fairly pullet eggs which are typically disposed due to their small size.

Ugly Butterfly will also hose conversations surrounding different sustainability initiatives twice a week, with game chef Mike Robinson set to give one of the first talks.