Alastair Little 'Godfather' of British food

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Alastair Little, a chef once considered the "Godfather" of modern British cuisine, is dead

In 1985 Little opened his own namesake restaurant in Frith Street in Soho that became one of London's top dining places.

He studied archaeology at Cambridge University before learning his trade at London restaurants, including L'Escargot in Soho and Kentish cafes in Notting Hill, and went on to work at both the City and the Guildhall.

Alastair has even been linked with a company that will start operations in 2022, named By Alastair Little.

Michelin Guide paid homage to the chef, writing on Twitter: 'Alastair Little was a self-taught, intelligent and articulate chef who was ahead of his time. His eponymous Soho restaurant influenced a generation of chefs and restaurateurs and the British food scene owes him so much. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

The inspiration for this was from Little's Deli, which set about trying to be able to remotely deliver the beloved food from the deli, where customers could order their meals online and have them delivered directly to their homes.

According to an interview The Chef conducted with The Independent in 2003, the menu altered twice a day according to ingredients Little would buy from the high street stores.

The star left a legacy with a name that will long be remembered.