Albert Barlett to Reopen Handful of Spudulike Sites

Friday, October 11, 2019

Potato firm, Albert Barlett, has come to an agreement to reopen and operate a handful of Spudulike sites.  This global potato firm was founded in 1948 and provides over 20% of the UK's fresh potatoes, and is now providing eight newly opened Spudulike sites.

The sites are in Livingston, Manchester, Glasgow, Greenhithe, York, Leeds, Norwich and Bridgend.

It is believed that the firm is in talks to open a few more of the sites (37) that closed this summer, following a withdrawal from a buyer, from a last minute pre-package administration deal for the business.

The spokesman of Spudulike has said the following statement:

"Spudulike is back.  If you've been missing your favourite baked potato fix, you can find us again at selected shopping centres across the UK.  Spudulike has had several owners over the years and operated as a franchise and managed operation.  However, an exciting new era dawns as our brand becomes part of the Albert Barlett portfolio, which means top-notch spuds, baked the way you love, at lower prices."

​The reopened sites now feature barista-style coffee and a new desert menu.