Aldi overtakes Morrisons to become UK's fourth biggest supermarket

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

The cost of grocery shopping should reach a new high, the latest figures for the average household show.

Market research firm Kantar said the typical annual food bills had climbed from £4.610 to £5.181.

The data suggests that people are changing their shopping habits to meet rising pressures from the cost of living.

Dairy, butter and dog food were particularly fast rising with rises of 31, 25, and 29 percent respectively.

Aldi's sales grew by 18.7% giving the company a 9.3% market share and making it the UK's fourth biggest supermarket.

Aldi's turnover soared by 18.7 per cent to 9.3 per cent of the market in the 12 weeks to September 4, 2022.

The study suggests that same-store sales of the cheapest private label products rose 33% during the past year, and that one in four baskets contains at least one of them.

Total spending across retailers of all private-label lines increased by £290m during the last four weeks, taking the share of the own-brand brand sector to 51.1%.