Amazon offers to pay Plymouth employees to drive to work

Thursday, October 14, 2021

In Plymouth, where the number of people applying is down over 7,611 from a week ago-a 31 per cent drop-there are over 40.000 job advertisements on the site and over 1.000 on the Government website, with around 70 per cent of those being full-time or permanent jobs.

The offer, which runs until the end of October, is for a full time-picker, who sorts and ships parcels without skills or experience.

With vacancies at a national peak, the situation is probably same in Plymouth and in the entire south west, he said, which would also have the effect of raising wages.

Nationwide, employees on companies payrolls increased by more than 120.000 over pre-pandemic levels, after a record jump in September.

The South West saw sharp employment growth in young people, with only 19.870 people applying for UC throughout the region from Bristol to Cornwall in August, down 43% on August.

In Plymouth the number of young petitioners fell by 37% substantially, far exceeding the national slowdown of 30%, and Ms Keast said: "We have got lots of employers coming into the Jobcentre in Plymouth and there are a variety of different things young people can do."