Applications for caretaker and pub landlord for island run

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The company is looking to somebody to run the unique Ship Inn and also operate the tiny island of Piel off the Cumbrian coast on which it is based.

The 300 years old Ship Inn has a tradition whereby every newcomer to the hosts list is chosen as the "King of Piel."

The chosen guy sits on an ancient chair holding a helmet and holding a sword and liquor pouring down her head. A temporary partnership called Piel Island Pub Company led the pub when it reopened in July after closures and Covid 19.

To deter Scottish raiders in the early 13th century, monks at the Furness Abbey constructed a castle on the island and English Heritage took care of the construction.

Supporters, who have started a petition to save the island, called it "the jewel in the crown" of the area and a 'vital part of our heritage' The future of the island was highlighted last week by Barrow Borough Council's review and audit committee.

Chris Jones, of the council' s programme manager for climate change, said: "There 's significant constraints in living and working on Piel Island and people need to reflect." "It's important that the right people are installed, people with sound local knowledge, a feel for the island and its history," said City Councilman Frank Cassidy, the deputy chairperson of the committee.