Beer shortage in pubs such as Amstel and Birra Moretti: Brewers face struggle to keep up demand after closure

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The pubs are facing a shortage of beers, including Amstel and Birra Morretti, as brewers grapple with demand following the closures.

This involves Amstel and Birra Moretti, with owners Heineken temporarily restricting bar sizes to three barrels per week to deal with supply concerns.

A spokesman for Heineken UK told The Sun: 'Demand for Birra Moretti and Amstel has totally surpassed our most optimistic forecasts, and our breweries are working round the clock to deal with this high level of demand.

More than 10 million people have enjoyed the pub visitors since it reopened two weeks ago, with many keen to sip out of a tap for the first time since the pub's reopening two weeks ago.

Landlords have warned that the defect is 'affecting their ability to trade efficiently and turn a profit,', the Daily Mail reports

Alastair Kerr, regional programme co-ordinator of the pubs campaign, told the Daily Mail: 'Pubs are struggling, many are struggling financially and a shortfall in beer is the last thing they need.

The shortfall comes as the price of a pint has escalated to £7, as some pubs are raising the price to recoup loss through a lockdown.

Pubs and restaurants are the sectors the most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic.