Boojum aims to expand in the UK following takeover of Azzurri group

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

The casual dining chain, which already owns Zizzi, Ask Italian and Coco di Mama, was acquired by the Azzurri group.

Azzurri said they will be targeting the fast-growing Mexican fast casual business in Britain, with the opening of its first restaurant expected before Christmas.

Zizzi also operates out of three locations in Dublin, Northern Ireland.

It employs almost 5.500 people and serves more than 13m million meals in more than 200 restaurants and stores annually.

In 2015, David and Andrew Maxwell joined forces with Dublin-based Renatus to buy the business.

The Azzurri were sold to TowerBrook Capital Partners for $390m in July 2020 after a full-blown global pandemic began.

Chief executive David Maxwell said the Azzurri takeover means Boojum wants to expand beyond the Irish Sea in future.