Brakes cuts prices on 3.500 products as part of 'Help for Hospitality' campaign

Friday, April 2, 2021

UK wholesaler Brakes has announced a new campaign to help hospitality customers bounce back once they have pulled from the blocking, with a third of its customers leaving the stores.

The grocery giant said it had conducted regular customer reviews during the pandemic, and its recent studies showed that when the nation exited lockdown, clients wanted to save money and get reliable service and high-quality products.

"Hospitality is a crucial component of the UK economy and a beloved part of life in Britain that has been dearly missed while closed during lockdown," Brakes business director Paul Nieduszynski said.

For companies, customers can benefit from at least 10 per cent cashback on key categories such as Fresh Producce, Chilled Meat & Poultry, Wine & Champagne and Catering Supplies & Equipment throughout the campaign - available via independent traders.