BrewDog gives staff shares worth £120.000 and gives workers 50% of cash profits

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

BrewDog co - founder and CEO James Watt is donating a 5 per cent stake in the company to 750 employees -- worth £100m in the latest fundraising assessment.

Based on the latest fundraising valuation of £1.8b, the share price will be around £30.000 annually for each member of crew for a four-year period when the scheme launches in June.

In a first for the hospitality industry, the Scottish brewer is also introducing a profit sharing scheme which will allow its 1.500 hourly bar employees to share half the income from every bar it introduces as part of the group's broader Growth Plan.

Watt said he hoped employee and shareholders, known as equity punks who participated in numerous crowdfunded events, would keep 25% of the deal between them.