BrewDog Launches Initiative to Offer Shares in Exchange for Cans

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Scottish craft beer company and retailer, BrewDog, has launched an initiative to encourage people to exchange empty beer cans for shares in the brewery, in an attempt to attract more investors and incentivise recycling.

The equity initiative will go live this Tuesday (25th February) in BrewDog’s 52 European bars until the end of April, rewarding anyone that brings in 50 empty BrewDog cans with a company share voucher that’s worth £25.

This initiative will hopefully encourage more sustainable business practices, as the returned cans will be processed and returned to the packaging industry, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

This isn’t the first waste scheme from the company though. With the Tomorrow scheme, BrewDog are seeking to recycle waste beer by distilling it into vodka, encouraging home brewing.