Britain's first Persian hospitality network launches

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Persian Hospitality Network (PhN), which identifies leading as well as emerging Persian personalities and brands, will support the work of industry specialists such as cooks, restaurants, hotel managers, chefs, writers and food suppliers.

Designed as a hub for information both to the Persian and to non-Persian public, the nonprofit platform will provide a directory of Persian companies and will therefore contribute to the networking of the community to promote cooperation and joint success.

Once restrictions on Covid are lifted the PHN will also facilitate custom personal networking for Persian private individuals and companies.

Piers Zangana, Director of Susa Comms, a hospitality communications and communications firm and founder of PHN, said: 'For me, food offers a gateway to any culture and I wanted to create a platform that celebrates the brilliant Persian people and businesses who contribute so much to the UK hospitality sector.