Britons suffer from Haribo drought because of lorry driver shortage across the UK

Sunday, July 4, 2021

A Haribo spokesman said the company faced "challenges," which hampered supply just like many other manufacturers and dealers.

An RHA statement says: "The UK's low truck fleet is at crisis level, the recovery of" Covid 19 "The driver shortage for HGVs is hitting crisis level in the UK. Recovery from Covid-19 is increasing demand across supply chains, the impact is already being seen with the increased opening of "non-essential" non-critical "retailing and parts of the hospitality business in recent weeks.

The Freight Transport Association predicts a shortfall of about 70.000 drivers.

That means thousands of jobs will be left vacant for lorry drivers.

The Road Haulage Association said the crisis had been triggered by a combination of Brexit, which has seen a drop in European lorry drivers, and Covid which does not train new lorry drivers for the last month.

Many endured following the Brexit vote, but then went back home once the pandemic had broken out.

Retailers have complained about the problems for months including Tesco and Currys PC World.