Chef on Britain's new PostCovid Restaurants Recovery Council

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Bosses of chains including Nando's, Starbucks and Prezzo have been called in to advise the government on their plans to strengthen the catering sector following the relaxation this summer.

Nisha Katona, the founder of Mowgli Street Food restaurants and the non-profit Mowgli Trust, joins the Hospitality Sector Council to identify and monitor actions that underpin the government's hospitality strategy and develop solutions that use skills to assess strength in the sector.

The first meeting of the Council took place on Wednesday under the co-Presidency of the UK Economic Minister Paul Scully and the businesswoman Karen Jones.

The government has said it has a food policy to help the sector reopen, recovery and become more resilient after the pandemic, including making it easier for pubs to dine al fresco and expanding the supply of takeaways in England by July next year.

"With the launch of this council, we're taking the next step in the journey to build back better from the pandemic by unveiling the experts who'll be driving the reopening, recovery and resilience of the sector. It's a real "Avengers Assemble" Avengers Assemble "moment for the industry," announced Wednesday in a joint statement, chaired by UK Economy Minister Paul Scully and hotel contractor Karen Jones.

It will also help businesses with skills and training, apprenticeships and other skills.

The UK government's Hospitality Strategy also sets out ways to help the industry grow and maximise creativity, including by exploring options for professional skills and training, like apprentices, bootcamps and other skills.

"I think the lockdowns have shown us many things, particularly the importance of our people and our teams and the key role hospitality has to play in lighting up our high streets and city centres," said Karen Jones, president of the Prezzo restaurant chain.