Chotto Matte officially opens roof-top restaurant in Manchester

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The world-famous Japanese-Peruvian restaurant Chotto Matte, famous for its innovative dining, has agreed to live on the spectacular 20.000-sq-ft roof of the St Michael's development in Manchester.

The brand's new 20,000-square-foot Nikkei Cuisine restaurant will be the only other British venue outside London operated by the brand With existing venues in Miami and Toronto, the Chotto Matte at St. Michael's will be the only other London venue owned by the brand, with new international venues to open in Doha, San Francisco and Los Angeles in late 2022.

The arrangement has been agreed with Gary Neville's hospitality group Relentless. Gary Neville, head of Relentless, said: 'This deal aligns perfectly with our vision for St, Michael's and the 5* quality we are aspiring to with this project. We are pleased to be bringing this world class, innovative brand to Manchester. The Greater Manchester venue was secured under a deal with development company Relentless who supervises St Michael's.