Confidence in recruitment remains low despite reduction in vacancies

Friday, March 10, 2023

The survey shows that one out of 11 positions (9%) is currently without a qualification and open to applications.

That's a drop of over two percentage points from the last public-affairs polling taken in October of 2022.

The flight rate, i.e. the percentage of employees who left the company in the last three months, is now down by three percentage points, to 16 per cent.

Despite improvements since the turmoil wrought by Brexit, vacancy and migration numbers remain a major concern.

Ensuring staff recruit and retain staff has also brought huge costs: over the past twelve months, the hotel industry has increased salaries of new and existing staff by 12% and 11%, respectively, just above the inflation rate.

"It is encouraging to see that hospitality's hard work on recruitment and retention is starting to pay dividends," - Karl Chessell

Co-operation in the craft market - some of which via the Hospitality Rising campaign - has also helped to enhance the reputations of pubs, bars and restaurants as a career base for younger workers.

Sebastien Sepierre, general manager, EMEA, said: