Craft Beer Company, Big Drop is Launching Crowdfund to Support Expansion in Alcohol-Free Beers

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Big Drop, an Ipswich-based craft beer company founded by Rob Fink and his best friend, entrepreneur and designer James Kindred in 2016, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to help with the company’s expansion around the world.

This will launch on Seedrs next month in attempts to become the world’s leading alcohol-free craft beer brand and is looking to raise around £1m from donations.

Big Drop is offering big perks to those who invest, such as providing merchandise, tickets to its Summer Family Event and Swedish brewery tours.  If all goes to plan, the company is looking to use the funds to expand into the US and Australian markets and working on making the brand more accessible in the UK by making it available to pubs and bars on draught.

 You can visit the crowdfunder here