Deliveroo expands to 100 new towns in Britain

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Deliveroo has revealed plans to build 100 new towns in Great Britain, after a year of growth by 2020.

The new destinations include Yeovil, Bangor in N Ireland, East Kilbride, King's Lynn, Scarborough, Llanelli and Exmouth, while areas such as Glasgow and the Home Boroughs will receive enhanced service.

The takeaway delivery service said it wanted to reach nearly two-thirds of the population in the wake of the surge in demand last year.

As well as expanding, Deliveroo also announced plans to more than double the number of locations around the world, extend its on-demand food offerings and introduce the firm's new "Signature" service, which includes allowing customers to order directly from restaurants or their own channels.

It also said it added 25.000 drivers last year, bringing its total number to more than 50.000.

"We are pleased to announce that we expect to launch in around 100 new towns and cities across the UK and expand our reach in existing areas throughout 2021 with the aim of reaching almost two thirds of the population," commented Deliveroo chief executive Carlo Mocci.