Dorothée Meilichzon gives a bohemian freshness to Ibiza's first hotel

Monday, April 3, 2023

The Montesol Hotel, dating back to 1930s Ibiza, is now the property of the French interior design consultants Chzon, after Dorothée Meilichzon had completely reopened its 30 rooms and three suites.

Situated in the historical centre of Eivissa, Montesol Experimental is being gradually renovated since 2021, when acquired by the hospitality group Experimental.

Meilichzon was responsible for the whole project, begun two years ago with the refreshed Sabbaba restaurant and rooftop bar before moving into guestrooms.

Her goal was to create a "bohemian overtone throughout the interior" which she followed in the footsteps of the Montesol hotel from the 1930s in Ibiza.

Housed from 1933 and built almost a century ago, Montecolonia is widely perceived to be Ibiza's first hotel.

Meilichzon was keen to address the unconventional past by layering a range of textiles, patterns, fringes and tassels, against light-coloured woods and textured plaster walls in an attempt to achieve the ultimate style.