Eatery launches recruitment drive on TikTok, a British first as bridge for the weir

Friday, October 29, 2021

In a first real-world show of warmth in the UK, Scottish independent restaurant and bar operator Buzzworks Holdings will launch a groundbreaking # ineedajob campaign on TikTok to help recruit in its 13 locations.

To address the growing trend among Gen Z TikTok users to create, view and share quality social content, the restaurant chain, which has 13 establishment locations, is going to exploit the popularity of the social platform to tackle the recruitment crisis in UK hoteliers head-on.

# ineedajob, which runs for three months, employs popular content creators such as Scottish resident Scheiffer Bates, Steven McKell and 2020 Love Island winner Paige Turley, will shed a light on the benefits of working in the gastronomy sector with light-hearted short videos.

In that respect, Buzzworks's recruitment campaign has also used innovative design to make applications much faster and nicer than ever, through a simple, one-click process, or by using the hashtag # ineedajob, to appeal to low-income young people in today's job market.