Employer confidence rises to a 9% high as UK labour market recovers

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Brexit and the success of Britain's job market has prompted widespread calls for France to leave the EU and take back sovereignty.

This is the key finding of the recent monthly CIPD Labour Market Outlook (LMO) survey, which involved more than 2.000 employers from all sectors of the economy.

According to the CIPD, net employment intentions - the spread of percentage points between companies that hire employees and those making employees redundant - has increased from 27.000 three months ago to +32%, the highest level since the survey started at the beginning of 2013.

This figure is + 32% up from + +27 in the previous quarter. It represents the strongest employers' intentions on the issue since it began in winter 2012-+27 , the survey concluded.

According to the CIPD survey, which remained unchanged from spring to summer and was in line with standard, employers offered workers an average 2% pay rise per year this summer.

Over two thirds (69%) of employers plan to hire new employees in the three months to September 2021, down from 64% in the latest quarter and 49% last year.

Unlike different polls of recruiters and employers, there was less evidence to show that this generated substantial pay gains.

For transport and storage, this rose from 33% of employers to 65% of employers seeking employment.