First female pub to open for women to train in the malt industry and offer safe space to drink

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

The Flowerhouse pub is run by the team behind the bar in Shoreditch.

Women are encouraged to submit the vacancies, and they are now hiring a chef, executive chef, bartender and mixologist at the Flowerhouse pub.

Apprenticeships and apprenticeship schemes will be available, as will flexible hours geared towards busy mums.

The women, who run the bar, want to offer a safe training environment for women and to be a safe place for anyone else to drink.

Job offers are currently open to everybody, but women of all backgrounds are most encouraged to apply.

Spiking has long been a security problem for the young, and the revival of the night life sector has led to an influx of reports of such incidents and concerns over the protection of women.

Although measures have been taken to ensure women feel safest in a pub while they work or have a drink, Flowerhouse is the first pub to actually create an environment where other women support, provide assistance and promote themselves.

The Flowerhouse pub will formally open on 23rd November.