Food and beverage wholesalers handed £5m lifeline

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

This aid packet will help safeguard many family-owned and small enterprises (SMEs) across the country, some of which will lose up to 95% in income.

Commercial companies stricken by coronavirus restrictions will benefit from a fund which they regard as critical lifeline.

It is said to cover losses of income, fixed operating costs including business rates, rent, loan repayments, utility companies and insurance companies as well as specific costs such as loss of shares.

Colin Smith, Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish Wholesale Association, said: "The Scottish Wholesale Association is delighted that food and drink wholesalers, who are the "wheels to Scotland's food and drink industry" wheelers of Scotland's food and drink industry "- retain such a vital lifeline.

Fergus Ewing, national secretary for rural economy said: "Many of the wholesalers serving the hospitality sector that have been particularly badly hit are the same wholesalers we rely on getting food to rural and remote areas, as well as ensuring continuity of public sector food provision.