FreakShake Freak-Out! Health charity ‘Action on Sugar’ Has Accused Vendors of Containing ‘Grotesque’ Sugar Levels in Milkshakes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The latest milkshake trend, freakshakes, have been growing in popularity for their excessive toppings, sometimes including cake slices, as it is seen as a drink and a dessert in one.

But have we taken things too far?  Action on Sugar seems to think we have.

It is said that some of these shakes can actually contain as much sugar as four cans of fizzy drinks and can consist of 1,000+ calories.  Pretty scary when it’s put like that.

AoS are actually calling for a ban on these high street treats, furthering it to banning the sale of milkshakes exceeding 300kcal, a figure taken from the Public Health England’s sugar reduction objectives.  They claim that these high street milkshakes could actually receive a red label on sugar content, meaning that it is excessively high.

Over the past few years, the sugar content in milkshakes has increased - do you think we should ban these sugary drinks, or should restaurants at least point out what exactly is going into your drink?  We’d love to know your thoughts on this.