Gary Maclean opens Creel Caught restaurant at Bonnie & Wild's Scottish Market Square

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Scotland's national chef Gary Maclean has just been admitted to the top bracket of ambitious new restaurant food hall in the heart of Edinburgh's new St James quarter.

Creel Caught will offer a menu of Scottish seafood dishes such as lobster thermidor maquchia cheeses, grilled lobster with seaweed butter and monkfish scampi fries.

Gary opened The Top Chef first solo dinner experience with Creel Caught, a casual dining spot that advocates Scotland's extraordinary shellfish combined with seasonal ingredients.

On the 16,600 m² site, there are eight snack bars as well as three specialist shops, a pastry shop and three bars.

Edinburgh's own slow-fermenting sourdough experts.The Scottish marketplace, which is described as a "outstanding eating, drinking and shopping experience in one beautiful venue" will also feature Edinburgh's own slow-fermenting sourdough experts East Pizzas and the professional high-end gelato team Joelato.

The venue will also include a private dining area, flexible function rooms, children's play area, and a demonstration kitchen with transmission, with seating for 700 guests.