German kebab shop opens new Scottish branches in Glasgow and Aberdeen

Monday, February 7, 2022

German Döner kebabs are about to expand; new restaurants are planned in Glasgow and Aberdeen, amongst others, and are about to open across the United Kingdom.

The Glasgow-based chain unveiled its ambitious expansion plans, which will see 78 new stores open and create almost 3.000 jobs.

Bosses say that the new plan for growth will take the brand to Leeds, Brighton, Portsmouth, Great Yarmouth, Aberdeen and Stoke, as well as other locations in Glasgow and London.

Germany's kebab operation also reported a 27 per cent year-on-year fall in annual sales in 2021.

Imran Sayeed, the brand's chief executive officer said: "We were highly agile during the pandemic, listening to our customers" needs, and responding to the tremendous demand for our breakthrough kebab sticks."

The food and drink firm - which currently employs about 3.500 people in the UK - has said it is adding an extra 2.900 staff this year, ahead of its global expansion.

It also stressed a development pipeline of 350 sites it wants to open in the next seven years.

Development plans for this year expect eleven new venues to be opened in North America and to have a first location in Saudi Arabia in addition to the currently 80 restaurants around the globe.