Glasgow restaurants to join Eusebi, Ox and Finch, SWG3 in tackling food waste

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Glasgow Hospitality has been asked to become part of a new campaign to reduce waste through sustainable and recycled processes.

The campaign in Glasgow is set to be held alongside COP26 as part of the campaign in November.

Plate Up for Glasgow is a joint venture company with Eusebi Restaurant & Deli, Pitch Perfect Consulting Ltd, to be supported by Experience Glasgow Food & Drink Regional Group.

Alison McRae, senior director at the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: "The food and drink sector is at the heart of our city and one that was hit hard by the pandemic, so we look forward to launching this campaign which aims to connect businesses, buyers and suppliers, all with a shared goal of reducing waste, becoming more sustainable and protecting our planet.

Some of the city's best chefs will also provide tips and advice on how to decrease food waste, and emphasize the many benefits of local and seasonal purchasing.

From 12 October - 12 November guests of the companies who are registered can taste a selection of sustainable food.

Jonathan MacDonald, chief executive of Ox and Finch, said: "We 're so excited to be part of Plate up for Glasgow.

The project, which seeks to connect companies, buyers and suppliers, which all share a common goal of reducing waste, becoming more sustainable and preserving the planet, goes against traditional business models of hospitality and takeaway, which are wasteful and waste, with the aim of getting as little Organic Waste into landfill as possible.