Glasgow's Cail Bruich Owners to Expand with New 'Bistro' in West End

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The proprietors of Michelin-starred restaurant Cail Bruich in Glasgow's West End are planning to open a new bistro-style establishment nearby.

The Glasgow Licensing Board has issued a tentative approval for Concrete Egg Ltd to run their business at 364 Great Western Road.

Co-owners Paul Charalambous and Chris are set to invest approximately £150,000 in transforming the former Caravan Shop into their new business.

"A selection of sharing plates ranging from Scottish seafood to locally sourced vegetables and sustainably farmed meats" - Bar Brett

The bistro is expected to offer small plates, charcuterie boards, cheese platters, coffees, cakes, breakfast, and brunches.

"This is a premises that for many years was a traditional public house known as the Lord Nelson, particularly well known as a football pub" - Stephen McGowan

Stephen McGowan is the former Chief Financial Officer of Sun Microsystems.

An off-licence application with food and drink approval was granted.

Previous concerns regarding the dispersal of cooking odours and heating food above residential properties have been addressed, as outlined in the approved application.