Glasgow's thriving hospitality sector: Ka Pao set to open second location

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Glasgow's hospitality sector is thriving with the opening of a new Ka Pao restaurant by Sumac House Ltd.

In Glasgow city center, the business has obtained a temporary license for selling alcohol. This new endeavor is expected to generate 60 fresh employment opportunities.

Having gained permission to convert an empty B-listed building last August, the new venue is expected to open its doors this month.

stephen McGowan, acting as legal counsel for Sumac House Ltd, affirmed their intention to restore a past licence that expired due to pandemic-related circumstances.

An agreement for modifying the land's designated purpose was secured prior to the global health crisis in 2020, but it didn't receive an extension and subsequently expired.

McGowan expressed his pride in Sumac House Ltd's "multi-award winning" operations and their commitment to Glasgow's hospitality sector.

Ka Pao excels in the bold tastes of Southeast Asian cooking, providing a distinctive culinary adventure.