Gordon Ramsay's £56 Sunday meal slammed by diners

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gordon Ramsay has been getting chewed by food fans in favour of his mega-expensive Sunday meal, which costs £56 a head.

The acclaimed TV chef shared, on his Instagram page a snap of his roast dinner served at Savoy Grill restaurant in London last weekend as part of a £40 two-course meal.

The restaurant charges £56 for a two-course lunch and one beverage.

The roast meal consists of a single slice of beef, three pan-roasted potatoes, three carrots as well as broccoli and a Yorkshire pudding.

Gordon posted an image of the dish on his social media account, explaining it will be available from his London restaurant starting September 21st.

But it was not all go well with some of the celebrity chef's 7.4 million followers.