Great British Menu winner takes over Glasgow eatery El Perro Negro

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Glasgow's food scene is immensely diverse and we have a fairly good collection of award winners here.

A restaurant based in Glasgow is joining hands with acclaimed chef James Cochran, to put on a thrilling event involving locals who are being encouraged to get along.

Bonnet Marmalade, pickle, pickled cheese and crispy onion rings, fried chicken covered with delicate buttermilk, chicken gravy mayonnaise, crispy chicken skins, chicken sauce, dressing shop x 12: 51 Scotch Bonnet, this is something burger fans don't wish to miss!

The event will take place on Tuesday and Saturday, November 19th. The chef will pass through the doors of El Perro Negro in the West End of the city and serve a limited edition chicken burger, The Royale.

El Perro Negro founder Nick Watkins said he is thrilled with the acquisition, adding: "We're so excited to collaborate with James and to be repping Scotland in this Guest Chef series! The Royale burger is ridiculously good and we know that our customers are going to love it. Get booked in quickly to avoid disappointment!