Greene King pubs appeal to apprentices

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Young people need to stop thumbing their noses at job-perks in bars to ease the employment crisis, a report backed by ministers has recommended.

Greene King published a new Untapping Potential report today: the role of pubs in bringing skills, jobs and communities round and underscores the vital role pubs play in providing fruitful careers in local communities.

A survey carried out for the pub chain among almost 2.000 young people revealed that almost half of them think that the hospitality sector does not provide good business careers while a fifth think that a career in the food industry is viewed in a negative light by society.

Nearly half of those aged young (48%) also believe that hospitality only offers short term opportunities, rather than fulfilling careers; the report also indicates a perceptual problem.

Greene King Chief Executive Nick Mackenzie said: 'Pubs have always been about people, and I've witnessed the way a job in a pub can completely change a person's life and become a lifelong, successful career.

The report urges government and the hotel sector more broadly to continue to co-operate in facilitating qualified and fulfilling careers in the sector and feed into the adaptation agenda.