Greene King to rename three pubs as "The Black Boy"

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The 'black boy' pubs in Bury St Edmunds, Sudbury and Shinfield will also be renamed. The Black's Head in Effksworth is to be renamed.

An online survey will be carried out in which local community groups will be able to vote on new names from a list of proposals.

Greene King pointed out that while the pub name "Black Boy" was being used around the country, there was no consensus about its origin, and many responded to the offending and discriminatory name.

The company said that, despite the fact that the pub's name "Black Boy" existed across the country, there was no consensus about its origin and that most of those interviewed felt the name insulting and discriminatory.

It has also invested in initiatives to help more people with black, Asian and ethnicity (BAME) in the hospitality sector, and has its own employee-run BAME group focused on enriching diversity and workplace inclusion.

By 2020, Greene said King would be investing substantially in initiatives to help more young people of black, Asian and minority ethnic populations start careers in the hospitality industry.

Greene Kings chief executive Nick Mackenzie said: 'It is important to acknowledge our history but just as important to work proactively to eradicate racism in our society today.