Growth in UK workers seeking jobs in hospitality to get extra income

Monday, March 13, 2023

A survey of 1.200 workers in the latest Hospitality Hiring Insider (Hospitality Hiring Insider) report by the hospitality recruitment platform shows that 2.9 million people are currently considering moving out of their businesses to the hospitality sector, of which 2.1

million are considering a new role in the hospitality industry.

Despite the rising cost of living challenge, new data suggests hiring intentions remain robust in the months ahead.

Furthermore, U.K.-based Google searches for hospitality jobs rose by 23% between 2021 and 2022, compared with the overall job search sector, which did not show any growth during the year.

"It is very positive to see that more homegrown UK talent is turning to the hospitality sector for work," - Kathy Dyball

The most common reasons for starting a new job in the hospitality industry are: people looking for more convivial work (30% of respondents); those looking for additional income (27%); for more flexibility (25%); and those seeking job protection to take their place on a

longer footing (24%).

The greatest increase in claims per job posting, which have seen, was for barista managerial positions, followed by food & beverage and hotel jobs.

Regionally, the data show that hospitality is the most sought after in the East Midlands, followed by Wales and West Midlands.