Guinness to Remove Plastic Packaging from Multipacks

Monday, April 15, 2019

Guinness owner Diageo has decided to remove plastic packaging from their multipacks, and have planned to also remove plastic ring carriers and shrink wrap from the packs of Harp, Rochshore and Smithwick’s beer under the £16m initiative run by Diageo.

By August this year the multipacks should be sold completely recyclable and in biodegradable cardboard in Ireland, and if all goes well should be rolled out throughout the UK and worldwide next year.

This is following many of the current plastic discussions, making companies more aware of the negative impact they are having on our planet.  Companies are being more transparent about the changes they are making, and also how much plastic they really use.  For example, Coca-Cola came out with a statement last month explaining that they use three million tonnes of plastic per annum, and Nestle came forward with their plans and got rid of plastic straws from their products and replaced them with paper.

Diageo has stated that less than 5% of their packaging is plastic, and making these changes will reduce usage by a further 400 million tonnes per year.