Hospitality bosses launch 'Save Our Jobs' campaign after extending restrictions

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Restaurant Owner Tom Kitchin, Nic Wood, from the Signature Group, James Thomson, from Prestonfield and The Witchery, Carina Contini, from Edinburgh, and Scotland's Crerar Hotels Group are spearheading the campaign.

Support has come from across Scotland. Hoteliers, restaurateurs and café owners have all come together to raise awareness of the scale of the crisis hitting there business.

Campaigners say Scots hospitality entrepreneurs are worried they are running out of time to save vital jobs, many of which are retained by people aged 16 to 24.

People aged from 16 to 24 now make up 50 per cent of Scottish guest workers.

"We're in really challenging times as an industry and now is the time to act. The impact this situation is having not just on Scottish hospitality but also on our supply chain is enormous," says Kitchin, who operates several businesses in and around Edinburgh, including The Kitchin in Leith, a Michelin-Michelin-starred restaurant.

Not only do industry leaders believe that the Scottish Government will need to become clearer about the benefits of the assistance given and when, but further financial compensation is necessary to safeguard jobs across Scotland.

The hospitality sector is also urging the government to provide practical, evidence-based solutions which will allow it to stay open while protecting its employees and customers.