Hospitality bosses urge punters to visit pubs even in the dry January

Monday, January 3, 2022

Landlords are urging consumers not to leave pubs during dry January as pubs are wrestling with a 'credit gap' driven by Covid restrictions and stagnation.

Pubs see dry January as potential 'nail in the coffin' for beleaguered shops

December - one of the busiest months for hospitality - saw sales plummet by up to 60 per cent in some pubs, according to industry body UKHospitality.

Alcohol Change UK said pubs should focus on ensuring non-drinkers feel "engaging" through quality soft drinks behind the counter.

Tom Bott, founder of Signature Brew, a brewery in north London, encourages customers to continue supporting the local outlets by making food and non-alcoholic beverages available even when they dispense with alcohol.

Mr Bott said the objective of a dry January is praiseworthy, but added that the timing was reinforcing the effects of an already slow welcome.

He said the lack of state support for months to come, coupled with the low numbers of refugees, coupled with hazy hospitality policies in Covid had amplified the problem.