Hospitality for all recruitment website to assist Ukrainian refugees

Monday, March 21, 2022

London restaurants to be asked to sign up to a new recruitment website that seeks to offer jobs to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Britain.

Guest catering organizations already signed up include Wahaca, Franco Manca, The Cinnamon Collection, Pizza Pilgrims, Sumi, and Miguel's Pizza.

Hotels are also being urged to offer vacant rooms. Hospitality For All will take the form of a job advertisement site that will focus on welcoming refugees and will let the site publish jobs available to refugees.

For job seekers, a simple application form can be sent out for any number of open positions in the industry, from front to back, instead of applying to different restaurants.

Designations will be distributed through the Consortium's recruitment teams, which creates jobs as quickly as possible and greatly improves the candidate's chance of success.

Alex Sheekey, Burger & Lobster 'Our industry has always welcomed people from different nationalities, skill sets and backgrounds, and this is another example of our sector doing what it does best.

The platform is now in the development phase and will start in mid-April.