Hospitality Sector Concerned about Recycling Proposals Following Environmental Initiatives

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

New plastic recycling proposals were announced on Monday the 18th of February, encouraging the recycling and reduction of plastic pollution within the hospitality sector, causing fears and anxiety to rise as the uncertain fate of Brexit quickly approaches.  The fears surround the proposal as it may risk burning a hole in customer’s pockets, eroding margins and makes the efforts made within the sector seem a little undermined, as efforts to cut down on plastic were already a work in progress.

The hopes are to bring in a Deposit Return Scheme for any recyclable items (cans, plastic, glass bottles etc.) and is said that the changes will bring forth part of the Environment Bill. 

The Deposit Return Scheme focuses on two things; an all in model that will catch all drinks regardless of size, and an on the go model that would restrict anything less than 750ml.

The consultation proposes that producers of packaging will need to pay the full amount of dealing with their waste and implement a world-leading tax on plastic packaging that fails to meet the minimum threshold, being at least 30% recycled items from April 2022.

Another concern is that the sector may not be able to afford to absorb the new tax on plastic packaging.

How do you feel about the proposals; do you think this could help as plastic packaging makes up over half of the plastic waste that is affecting our country and its environment?