Hotel and restaurant industry registers 8 per cent increase from 2019, figures show

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

There were 150.000 restaurants open throughout the UK last year - with London, Manchester and Edinburgh recording the biggest growt

The Restaurant Impact Report includes research from 5.000 adults, ONS data and Open Arms Report results to investigate restaurants' role for local communities and wellbeing.

More than half of respondents (56%) visit their favorite spot at least once a month, with 15% visiting their restaurant employees or owners by name.

Other amenities that are good going to lift one's spirits include gym activities and libraries (33 per cent), good neighbours (29 per cent), and activities such as village festivals (27 per cent).

The study also found that 64% believed that local restaurants were important to creating a community feel, and 57% thought that food locally brought people together.

The study found that people in London (41%), Birmingham (37%), Glasgow (43%) and Manchester (40%) agreed that local restaurants, pubs, cafés and other venues were among the top three sources of community feel compared to other


Meanwhile, 58% of people surveyed in OnePoll said they feel "at home" in their local pub.

Robin Chiang, SVP of International Growth with online restaurant booking service, which provides a listing of neighbourhood communities in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Manchester, said: "OpenTable's Report celebrates

restaurants and the value they provide local residents and their communities.